Immunoassays comprise wide range of tests that are primarily used to detect proteins. They include tests for infectious diseases, tumor markers, immune diseases, hormones, cardiac markers etc. Due to their complexity, immunoassays typically can be only performed in large laboratories with expensive equipment and trained technicians. This limits their use to hospital or outsourced contract laboratory settings and often leads to days of waiting for lab test results. SIMS breaks those barriers by establishing a line of POCT Immunoassay solutions that are equipped to perform the complex tests within minutes. This replaces the whole conventional methodology where physicians get a better opportunities to make Clinical decisions faster than ever, especially in ER Departments where seconds matter most.

Features of Test Panels

We cater wide range of Immunoassay Test Panels that are specially designed to cover most vital tests that are recommended by clinicians.

  • Cardiac (CK-MB, Troponin I,
  • D-dimer, BNP, myoglobin,
  • NT-proBNP, (NT-proBNP/cTnI), 
  • CK-MB/cTnI),(CK-MB/cTnI/Myo),
  • Infectious diseases (HCV, HIV, HBV, etc)
  • Hormones (vitamin D, T3, T4, TSH, HCG etc)
  • Inflammation (CRP, hs-CRP, PCT, etc)
  • Renal Function (CysC, mAlb, NGAL, ß2-MG)

Benefits and Advantages

Having POCT Immunoassay system makes your work flow more productive while improving treatment efficiency. Our POCT solutions surpass conventional systems by performing all the above immunoassay tests (Individual or Panel tests) using only few micro liters of whole blood/serum/plasma samples to get accurate results in minutes. The beauty of these solutions is that, it completely eliminates centrifugation or pre-sample treatment, which are done inside the devices depicting closed loop system. This give zero chances of contamination. As the tests are designed on dry chemistry platform with one time use system, you can get better accurate results every time you run, as these sophisticated POCT devices are small, lightweight and equipped with auto calibration features. All the systems are designed to adapt to any HIS or LIS systems with robust Data management System for controlling and monitoring devices and results are the same time.

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