Molecular Diagnostics

Advancements in genetic analysis are revolutionizing the practice of medicine, improving earlier disease detection, and advancing treatment of genetic hereditary diseases. Next-generation sequencing and microarray technologies are being developed for better diagnostic approach in genetics. By taking advantage of these tools, we will see changes in healthcare in ways, never before imagined. Ultimately, paving the way for improving human health.

Point of Care devices in Molecular Diagnosticshave been rapidly expanding in healthcare market recently. A variety of technologies are being developed for DNA detection and amplification, mostly aiming to detect pathogens and CYP2C19 gene mutation to detect other genetic variants predictive of disease susceptibility and drug response. SIMS aims to provide an exceptional POCT Solutions in Molecular Diagnostics that can change the course of conventional methodologies.

Benefits & Advantages

SIMS has been always striving to bring latest, sophisticated yet user friendly POCT solutions. Imagine, if you could receive Molecular Diagnostic results in just “One Hour” rather than couple of days. That’s what SIMS POCT solutions derived for. Moreover, with the simple cheek swab, you can get rapid CYP2C19 genetic mutation (Impair drug metabolism) results, which is observed 1 in 3 people. Detection of this mutation will help physicians to adjust proper medication during treatment before it’s too late. Our solutions can make your work flow more profitable with sustainable positive outcomes.

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