Point-of-care testing (POCT) in hematology has continued to grow rapidly for its popularity for increasing demand to reduce turnaround time of test results, coupled with rapid improvements in healthcare technology. This led to the development of several devices that are designed for use in different clinical settings, with the vision of improving patient care. The most used POCT in hematology is measurement of Complete Blood Profile followed by WBC, Platelet and Hematocrit evaluations. SIMS specializes in providing such services as “Integrated POCT Solutions” using most advance technology in the market.

Features of Test Panels

SIMS Integrated POCT Solutions was developed by combining all the individual entities from our partners who are pioneers in POCT Hematology to complete the hematology test portfolio.

Below are the characteristics of the Test Panels;

  • Complete Blood Profile
  • Platelet Function
  • Hematocrit
  • 5-Part WBC
  • Coagulation
  • Anemia Test
  • Blood Gas Test


The best onset of having POCT hematology is the sample size in micro liters from finger prick (Capillary blood) makes it so pleasant especially for pediatrics and elderly patients with minimal pain during sample acquisition. IMS provides solutions with outstanding capabilities in POCT Hematology where one drop of Capillary blood is enough to perform wide range of Hematology Tests such as complete blood profiling within minutes to seconds. Moreover, with the reliability and accuracy of results will make your clinical decisions more efficient and superior treatment outcomes.

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