Smart BST

Bed Side Testing Solutions (BST)

SIMS Solutions accelerate patient care decision-making by reducing the time to get needed information to the clinicians and fosters a team approach to patient care by enabling bedside testing allows for “real-time” treatment of patients because it decreases the “turnaround time” for obtaining laboratory results. The faster the results obtained, better the chances for the physician to have more quality time to evaluate the test result to begin or alter the therapy. This increases the patient satisfaction by reducing hospital stay and costs involved. This empowers healthcare leaders to provide faster and efficient healthcare.

What’s Inside

The Bedside Testing Solution offers Point of Care Laboratory Services such as In-Vitro Diagnostics (80%-90% of routine Lab Tests) directly in the ward or the patients room. Due to the portability of our solutions, we can directly conduct the test and get the results in minutes right then and there near the patients bed. This allows us for faster TAT, reduces errors, and conduct on-site diagnostics. Parallel to the Diagnostic capabilities, all the test results and patient data are stored and monitored in LIS and HIS systems using highly secured data transfer software. This brings the new Era of patient care in Bedside Testing.

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