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Point of Care Solutions is the latest medical practice management to manage physician medical practices with a ubiquitous interface. Physicians can view lab test results from minutes to seconds to avoid any further delay in diagnosis and treatment using SIMS Integrated Point of Care Solutions. We combine the most advance components of POC devices and integrate them to provide a platform to serve outstanding precision healthcare management.

SIMS Point of Care Solutions grid platform is packed with innovative features such as m-EMR, a cloud-based connectivity suite, intelligent monitoring and testing devices making it easier than ever to manage a medical practice. Plus, its virtual desktop lets physician can easily connect to their patients securely from anywhere using our IMS Tele – Medicine solutions.

Point of Care is focused on the complex needs right from small physician offices to high intensive emergency care in hospitals where tests results in minutes can make big different in saving patients life. SIMS vision is to stay always one step further in regular POCT Solutions.

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