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Learning Services

Learning Services from SIMS is an educational approach that combines learning objectives with extensive knowledge training in order to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience while meeting clinical and technical aspects of our healthcare solutions.

Learning services involves our privileged customers and key members, who wants to bring innovative service & creative healthcare projects which can apply effect positive change in the community. SIMS helps to bring out the latest trends in modern POCT, Mobile Healthcare, and IT Healthcare management to support our customers in taking potential key decisions which saves valuable time and money with sustainable business growth.

Core Programs

Education Training Workshops Presentations & Live Demo


SIMS Educational Services, provides vital strategic planning and services in support of our customized healthcare solutions aligned to latest POCT trends.

Drawing on the support and activities provided by SIMS Scientific Office, our team members add real value enhancing the teaching, learning, research and healthcare solutions.

SIMS Scientific Office manages a number of high value potential custom healthcare projects which caters different healthcare sectors. SIMS constantly supports in bringing new POCT innovations for better healthcare society.


SIMS devotes in professional training programs for its business partners and people who are willing to gain confidence in taking better healthcare decisions with regards to end user services. Through our professionally trained experts, we provide complete training programs with scientific approach.

Most of the healthcare management staff feels helpless sometimes due to improper training support which makes them venerable in providing proper healthcare to patients. We make sure to give complete quality training and constantly monitor the post training issues and deal with them promptly. This is the core policy of SIMS.


At SIMS, we develop impeccable approach in empowering our customers through unique workshops. These potential workshops give excellent working knowledge of amazing new innovative products in the field of POCT.

These workshops help in understanding construction, functional use, application of different working tools, equipment’s, as well as the scientific evaluation and validation information which are vital in decision making with regards to better, reliable sustainable investments.

Presentations & Live Demo

“Having the most innovative product in hand and people doesn’t know it exists is one of the biggest disaster in any market.”

SIMS prides itself sending its message across world through professionally drafted presentations. This encompasses sending SIMS vision and mission among our customers and to new era of modern healthcare about what we do and where we stand best.

We provide exceptional services and make decision making process much easier than ever by showcasing our solutions as Live Demo. This one to one personal interaction will help key decision makers to take effective judgment on product assessment, efficient budgeting, strategic product usage planning. Come and experience our unique intelligent solutions through the world of SIMS.

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