Samsung mEMR

The Samsung m-EMR, gives professionals access to the medical information system via any Android Smart Phone or Tablets. By allowing you to view medical records anytime, anywhere, you can provide your patients with accurate visual information on their status. Scheduling and communications are made simple, and with easy access to medical references you can contribute to a better care environment every day

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Easy Access to Convenient Medical Data

Medical records, healthcare scheduling and communications have never been simpler. The Samsung m-EMR presents your patient records in a clear and visually-appealing format, helping you keep those in your care well-informed. The solution gives you a clear view of hospital schedules, while its built-in messaging service enables collaboration with colleagues wherever you are. With everything in one place, you will have access to all the information you need.


Collaborate Instantly With Colleagues

Effective communication is vital in healthcare. The Samsung m-EMR enables real-time communication through three convenient functions: Message, Consult and Personal Notes. The application enables instant collaboration with medical colleagues, helping you to improve the quality of care and reducing the likelihood of errors. The ability to store documents and send and receive messages means that you have all the information you need in one place, so your patients can be your main focus instead of your paperwork.


Managing Time and Resources

The organization of outpatient visits and operations is simplified with user-friendly schedules and organizers. The m-EMR solution provides a detailed view of schedules, enabling medical professionals to view and update them in real time. As they are linked to the main EMR server they are always up to date, meaning that hospitals can allocate resources more efficiently. Improving time and resource management in this way reduces the margin of error and enables you to spend more time on patient care.

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