Telemedicine Solutions

At SIMS, we delivery pristine health Care Services, where distance is a critical factor by all health care professional. SIMS uses most advance information and communication technologies for the exchange of valid information for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and injuries, research and evaluation and for the continuing education of Health care providers, all in the interest of advancing the health of individuals and their communities.

  • Purpose to provide most advanced clinical support.
  • SIMS Tele medicine is purely intended to overcome geographical barriers, connecting users who are not in the same location.
  • SIMS Tele-Medicine involves the use of various types of ICT – Information and Communications technology to reach out and provide top quality healthcare.
  • Our goals is to improve Better Health outcomes using most sophisticated Tele-Medicine solutions with commitment towards compassionate healthcare.

Why Telemedicine

  • Customized Telemedicine Solutions
  • Real time measurement
  • Works with low bandwidth
  • Data Storage Options
  • Integration with different healthcare platform and medical devices
  • User Friendly

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